How we named our business Von T

How we named our business Von T

 Vulnerable post highlighting a tough time in my life and how the Von T name was born. Today we honor our baby girl's 9th year in heaven. On February 12th, 2015 I miscarried a baby girl who we gave the name Hope, to honor our hope for the future and that God was in ultimate control. We lived in Dallas at this time and I had my dream job working for a jewelry manufacturer I had set my sights on in gemology school.

A year and a half and we welcomed our third baby, a healthy boy! After much thought and prayers, we made the difficult decision to leave Tx and move back to Mn to be close to family. It was at this time the idea for Von T was born. I was visiting with some close friends whom I had helped with their fine jewelry purchases throughout my many years in the jewelry industry. I had always helped people with their jewelry purchases by directing them where to shop and orchestrating the sale when I wasn’t in retail. At that moment I decided it was time to take the leap of faith and start my own jewelry business. There were a few things at that stage of my life that were the top priorities, one being my family and the other not wanting a physical location with millions of dollars of overhead. I decided I would offer jewelry sales on a concierge-style basis, working one-on-one with clients to build the perfect piece of jewelry to commemorate their specific milestone.

Now came the name, what would I call my business? I knew I didn’t want my personal name as the brand of my business but I did know that everything I was doing was to build a legacy for my family and children!

With lots of research, we learned the name Von has powerful roots in the Bible and reveals much about the scriptures. Its Hebrew meaning of ‘hope’ suggests that people of faith can have hope in the future and have faith in God’s plan.

When we named our baby girl Hope we knew God had a plan for her and our family. If you know me personally you know my boys' names both start with the letter T. With my faithful friends and their encouragement WE named my business Von T Fine Jewelry in honor and for the legacy of my children who are my world!

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